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Read about Smarthand in the Swedish media:
Lokaltidningen Lund
Lundaforskare lurar hjärnan med ny teknik
LTH Nytt nummer 1 2009
“En SMART HAND ger ägaren känsel”
Metro 26 May 2009
“De här kroppsdelarna går utmärkt att byta ut”
Lokaltidningen press release: Lundateknik skapar smarta proteser

Karolinska Institutet press release: Amputees can experience prosthetic hand as their own
MedGadget press release: SmartHand: Thought Controlled Prosthesis That Patients Feel
Fastcompany press release: SmartHand: Cyborg Limbs Will Feel Like User's Own

On March 3, 2009 PRENSILIA SRL ( a new Spin off company
of Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna was established. Such company will exploit
some of the SmartHand project (and of previous projects) results, developing
and commercializing robotic hands.

Developing the SmartHand robotic transradial-prosthesis prototype
Christian Cipriani has just won the Antonio d'Auria prize (a biannual award
open to european citizens) for projects and prototypes of innovative robotic
devices to aid the motor disabled from the Italian Robotics and Automation
Association (SIRI). and . The winner team include Marco Controzzi, research
assistant at ARTS lab and Prof. M. Chiara Carrozza.

Read about Smarthand in the local Swedish newspaper "Metro teknik" (PDF) >>

The recent video of the smarthand: 

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